Where those endorphins at?



Trying to stay positive is so difficult. I annoy myself so much when I just can’t shake this feeling. I have no right to feel like this, nothing significant has happened to cause this shift in my mood so why has it happened?

I think sometimes all the little things that consciously don’t make a difference all add up and then boom… the bad mood strikes. It’s not even a bad mood. Its an empty mood, like I’m not fully myself.

I miss home so much at times like this. I miss the sand and the sea and I miss the quaint little houses and the hills and the cliffs. After having spent 16 years of my life in the city, my heart belongs by the sea.

Usually in this situation a run and some good exercise helps. Yesterday I went to the gym twice and today I’ve been for a run and will be going to the gym later. Alas, this mood will not leave.

Todays achievement: running 3k in 18 minutes. A personal best, yay!

I think the only thing this calls for is an early night in bed with ice cream and films. Hopefully tomorrow will bring a better day.


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