Watched two films recently that are “thinkers”.

Firstly, the Adjustment Bureau. Who says that life is pre-planned and everything is already set out for us? Matt Damon, whilst being insanely attractive, proves the point that we are totally in control of our own destiny. If we don’t like something we can go out and change it. We shouldn’t have to settle for what life throws our way or what hand is dealt to us. We can change it.

Right now I’m watching Eat Pray Love. I’d love to just go and move abroad and live in some little hut in the jungle with some native tribe. It would be so fun and interesting. I don’t want to spend my younger years in education and then go and work for the rest of my life until I die. Who wants that? I love adventures and spontaneity and I want my life to be filled with that.

I’ve been feeling pretty down again but I know exactly what it is this time. The trouble with being a 20 year old in this day and age is there is pressure. A lot. A shit tonne of pressure that I’m fed up of. Like I said, I’m the only one who is going to change my life so here it starts. Right now. This moment.

Lets go.


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