What a week

l’m writing this post from the sofa I have been sleeping on for the past few days. My skeleton fell out of his closet; it was only in there for a few days. Never try and keep secrets. That’s what I have learnt. That, and never ever ever kiss a guy in a relationship.

I had a lovely, rare, day off work today. I went for lunch with an old friend in a cute little cafe at the top of literally 100 really steep steps. Makes the food even more worth it I suppose! On the way back to my car it started to tip it down so we took shelter under the cliff and ended up carving our initials into the rock alongside hundreds of other names and initials. It was a really lovely day, despite the rain!

This evening the friend I have been staying with and I went to sit on the sea wall and just relaxed whilst listening to the sound of the waves and watching the sky change colour as the sun went down. Definitely had to make the most today as my next day off isn’t until next Monday.

I cannot wait to move back in with family; as comfy as this sofa is, nothing compares to a real bed! It is a cliche but it’s true: you definitely realise who your real friends are in times like this.


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