In my last post I stated that you don’t realise who your true friends are until times get bad. After one of the toughest weeks of my life to date, I fully stand by that comment. Albeit been exhausting and draining, I have had the best week with one of my best friends. It has been lovely living with her and her amazing family. They took me in and treated me like a member of the family without a second thought and that means so so much to me.

This weekend has been quite spontaneous to say the least. Saturday night saw me and three friends (the girl I’ve been staying with, a current work mate and an ex-work mate) go out for a meal and then on to the pub. I fully intended not to get drunk and have a relatively early night as I was working the next day however when my current work mate said he had a spare bed, all previous intentions went out of the window. I ended up being the only one going back to his but it was really lovely to hang out together outside of work.

We had already planned to spend Sunday evening together anyway as he had never seen Les Miserables. How can anyone not have seen that film? It’s a classic! So we watched that yesterday evening and then I ended up staying at his again last night as by 8pm we’d already been playing Cards Against Humanity for an hour and didn’t end up finishing till 12:30.

This week has been tiring, emotional and very spontaneous but nonetheless it has been a very good week and an even better weekend.


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