Pinch Punch ~Second~ of the Month


It’s a new month and I’m determined to make a change. It’s so refreshing to wake up on the first day of a new month and think of all the things that could be changed during the next 31 days.

The last few months need to be forgotten; a lot of crazy shit happened and I was basically unhappy 24/7. This translated into a snap, defensive version of me that I really didn’t like. I found out some (at the time) pretty bad news regarding my student accommodation for next year however this has now made it easy for me to decide that I am not going back to university next year. I’ve applied for some veterinary nursing apprenticeships and degrees at different universities. I’ve always, always, always wanted to do vet nursing. You know when you think about something and it’s just so right? You get that feeling in your gut and it makes you happy and well, yeah, thats what I get when I think about vet nursing. No other career comes close to giving me the excitement in my belly as this does. It will be shit to have to tell my friends I’m not going back either but this is one of those situations in life where you have to make sure you’re happy first and sod the rest of them. If I don’t get accepted onto a course this year I’m sticking around at home for another year and carrying on at work and doing some work experience.

I went for a run yesterday for the first time in ages. I ended up running 11.1k- I used to run the same route all the time however I never realised how far it actually was! It seemed like a good idea at the time however when the rain starting pouring down and I had to run up the most horrific hill, I was starting to doubt my decision! I’m definitely feeling it today though; my legs and arms and bum are hurting quite a lot!


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