Matters of the Heart Part 2.

Isn’t it funny, the people you meet. You wake up one day and a new person is in your life you would never even have imagined meeting. It’s too bad that in my case, as is usually the case with me, that this person is totally out of my reach. 

It’s like he is me, just male. Exactly the same sense of humour, the same sarcastic personality, judgemental and silly all in one go. I feel like I was just chatting to myself and we definitely clicked. Not only that but he is pretty attractive which doesn’t help the situation. 

On Tuesday morning when I woke up I would never have imagined the day would turn out like it did. I’m only ever going to see him twice again now and that does actually make me really sad. After I’ve passed this test I will never see him again in my life. I think I’m more sad this evening at that and not the fact I failed the test I took. I would fail one million times over if it meant I could keep spending time with him. 


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