New Year

For reasons unknown to me I stopped writing on this blog. I recently started another one which is dedicated to my health and fitness and naturally I stumbled back across this one.

I enjoy having a place to let my brain escape, somewhere I can write without worrying who will see it or what people will think. Odd as in every day life, I would not be the least bit concerned with what people have to think about me.

Nonetheless, with a new year comes promises of a new start and a new way of life. I admire you if you are one of those people who manages to set and stick to resolutions. I personally find my life far too hectic to stick to resolutions. Subconsciously this year I have found myself setting them without realising.

I’ve bought a new planner in order to keep a track of my life. Sometimes I feel as if one day I can be free as a bird with nothing going on, the next is a whirlwind. On days when I feel like a chicken without its head, I want to be able to stick to a plan and know that I maximised my time efficiently.

In my diary I have written a section for water intake on each day as this is something I’m actually quite good at. My trusty water bottle and I have a close connection (despite me leaving it at the gym last night) However I want to make sure I’m hitting those 2.5 litres a day.

A new year always has a special feeling about. I hope this continues throughout the year.


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